Kolibri is now LIVE on Mainnet!

The symbol of the Kolibri Stablecoin

A Broader Ecosystem

Get Involved

  • Join our Discord, and come engage with us on ideas you’d like to see or bugs you find
  • Come meet us at our (virtual) launch party this Friday afternoon at 3:30PST on Discord (Join Here!).
  • Disclaimer: None of the following is financial advice. Please do your own research to make sure you understand the risks of Kolibri and associated products.
  • The more people that participate, the more stable the asset becomes, head to https://kolibri.finance to get started minting kUSD today!
  • Go provide some of that kUSD you mint to new tools as they emerge, and support existing tools like Dexter by becoming a liquidity provider. You earn a portion of fees, and this is another super important step to help stabilize the price. (definitely use the testnet versions of these things before putting real money in though!)
  • If you’re interested in running an arbitrage or liquidation bot, wire them up and get them arbitraging the price on places like Dexter, this can net you a healthy profit while again helping to stabilize the project itself!
  • Kolibri Metrics: Which provides high level metrics about system health
  • The Kolibri Discord Bot: Which announces events happening on chain in real time to the #kolibri-updates and #kolibri-updates-testnet channels

A Note on Governance

Keefer Taylor:
Luke Youngblood:
Ryan Sears:

What’s Next

Thank You!

  • Arthur Breitman — For architectural analysis and programming pointers.
  • Baking Bad — For making BetterCallDev and a litany of other tools that make developing on Tezos much much easier.
  • CamlCase — For building Dexter and making kUSD available at launch
  • Claude Barde — Who has consistently provided high quality technical feedback and written accessible content about our posts.
  • Cousinit — Who tirelessly helped us conform to metadata specs so that kUSD can be broadly and easily adopted, and for supporting kUSD in Kukai at lauch
  • Cryptonomic and Mike Radin — For ConseilJS which we use to build and deploy contracts, and for supporting kUSD in Galleon at launch
  • Jacob Arluck from TQ — For Governance and general advice
  • Madfish Solutions — For building Thanos, Quipuswap, and supporting kUSD at launch in Thanos. We appreciate the tireless work to help us debug and for fielding our feature requests.
  • Seb Mondet from TQ — Who provided invaluable help in configuring contract metadata and multisig contracts, often late at night or over the weekend.
  • The SmartPy Team — Who builds the smart contracting language that makes all of this work, who offered tens of hours of assistant and who built entire features to make Kolibri possible.
  • The Tezos Foundation — For a generous sponsorship of the security audit.

Technical Details

Kolibri is a system of smart contracts on Tezos which issue kUSD, a trustless, algorithmic stablecoin that is collateralized to XTZ and soft pegged to USD.

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Kolibri is a system of smart contracts on Tezos which issue kUSD, a trustless, algorithmic stablecoin that is collateralized to XTZ and soft pegged to USD.

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